Re: Photo: Car Ferry At Brooke Avenue Yard

Kenneth Montero


Thanks for sharing.

This yard is a good prototype for a model layout in a very small space.

Ken Montero

On 05/16/2022 2:48 PM Bob Chaparro via <chiefbobbb@...> wrote:

Photo: Car Ferry At Brooke Avenue Yard

Photo and information from the U.S. Military Railroad blog:

The location was the Southgate Terminal Corporation at the former C&O Railroad Brooke Avenue Yard in Norfolk, Virginia. The terminal was an isolated switching district that was only served by rail via a car float from Newport News. The C&O yard was surrounded by interesting warehouses, factories, a brewery, a concrete freight depot, and a large molasses tank. In the steam era there was a small coal dock to service the 0-6-0 locomotive that worked it. The car ferry was a 370 long monster that could hold 28 40-ft cars.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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