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Tony Thompson moaned:

You mean I was supposed to get paid for all that research I did for
guys? Where were you when I needed you, Schuyler?
Yeah, well, I've done my share too, but I can tell you that when Alco Models
[to use a defunct example] did a model the research was ALL on the
contributor, or at least 95% was. Now, I know that some importers do their
own research. The contribution made by non-employees of the importer in the
cases of two cases I have personally been involved with was essentially
advising the importer where to find an example of the real thing, which they
went and researched themselves.

OTOH, I have done, for the same importer, extensive research into a
prototype which will be produced as a model, of which there is a snowball's
chance it would ever have been done otherwise. I will be compensated, at a
rate approaching $0.05/hr. If that.


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