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Ed Hawkins

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Thanks!  Interestingly, the decal sheet with the early version of the F&C kit has decals for MAWX 5035. There are three sets of data, but no additional numbers to allow for numbering in the series posted below. That is, with one extra 5035, there are not enough duplicate numbers to number the car sides anything but 5035 without looking for additional decals. It does have car end decals for MAWX 5030, 5033, and 5035. The car # pictured in in the instructions is 5032, but there are no decals for that car number in the kit.

The 25 MAWX 5034-5058 dry ice cars built 10-47 by Despatch Shops, Inc., were similar to conventional steel refrigerator cars from an overall outward appearance to include roof hatches at each corner. The side swing doors with 8 hinges (4 per door) were significantly different than the various hinges used by PFE, URTX, ART, and many others. The rotating part of the hinges attached to the doors were long, narrow steel plate that extended horizontally from the door edge to nearly the center. Bob’s Photo has a photo of MAWX 5049 taken in July 1952 & Arnold Menke’s collection has MAWX 5040 taken ca. 1954.

I’ll also use this message to note a  fat-finger typo on my previous reply in which the 6-car series for ACF lot 2427 should be MAWX 5028-5033, built 4-42.
Ed Hawkins

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