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Eric Hansmann

Thank you for the clarification, Guy!

It seems the newer rotating handle uncoupling designs came into use almost at the same time as AB brake systems on new freight cars.

Eric Hansmann
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On 05/17/2022 9:32 PM Guy Wilber via <guycwilber@...> wrote:

Bob Chaparro wrote:   “In what time frame were these levers phased out?” Eric replied, “…at a point in the 1930s, uncoupling moved to a bottom pin pull on new freight cars and the uncoupling hardware became somewhat standardized for a couple of decades."

1933 Interchange Rule 3, Section (c), Paragraph (9) Coupler operating rigging of the rotating type handle (which pulls out and up through an arc similar to type shown on Plate B of The United States Safely Appliance specifications), required on all cars built new or rebuilt on or after August 1, 1933.  Note -- It is recommended that where cars built prior to August 1, 1933, receive Class 1 general repairs and new couplers are applied, that the rotating type handle of uncoupling rigging be applied.

"Was Carmer hardware banned from interchange or outlawed by law or regulation? If so, when?"

Carmer type uncoupling devices were never prohibited in interchange.
Guy Wilber
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