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Bruce Smith



While couplers changed over time (for example type D to type E around WWII), iirc, both could be either top or bottom operated. Carmer devices were not the only top operated device as many early rod type uncoupling levers were also top operating. That was not the issue.


The issue was that, to operate a Carmer lever, the operator had to press DOWN on the lever. To operate either top or bottom operating rod levers, the operator had to lift UP. Pressing down was a safety hazard because a slip placed you on the ground, near the wheels whereas it was easier to brace and not slip when lifting.



Bruce Smith

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Guy/anyone who knows,

  Did the coupler itself change?  I'm asking if the Carmer cut levers would
not work on 'later' couplers.  And were those couplers 'mandated' or the
top activated 'outlawed' thus ending the usefulness of the Carmers?
  Sind bottom activated cut levers 'replaced' the top activated ... what
was the advantage of them over top activated?  Was the pin more
likely to drop correctly with bottom operated or something like that?
                                                                          - Jim in the PNW

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