Re: IHB boxcar finished

Tim O'Connor

The C&A was a B&O subsidiary and later was absorbed into the GM&O but in 1950 there were still
a small number of 40 foot War Emergency (51000 series) and all steel 40 foot (52000 series) box cars
that still had their C&A lettering...  :-)

On 5/18/2022 5:21 PM, Charlie Duckworth wrote:
Having started with the Mopac and having to see interchange made between the MP/TP/C&EI/M-I, I’m drawn (for some odd reasoning), to the various subsidiaries the Class Ones had. So the layout has a small population of FW&D, T&NO, I-GN, StLB&M, B&A, P&LE, NJI&I and now an IHB car.  
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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