Re: Adding patches and light weights to finished models

Charlie Duckworth

I’m probably using mostly water 60/40.  One question when using Future I assume by the property it leave a gloss coat. 

 I want to put down a decal patch of BCR that’s darker than the existing paint on the model followed by the weight, location and date.  I want to avoid changing the base color of the carbody. 


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OK Gang:

How diluted is diluted white glue?

Bill Pardie

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Many years ago MR had an article on putting down decals with diluted white glue.  I hadn’t tried it at the time but at one of our Missouri Pacific Historical Society annual meets Lee Freeman brought a scratch built O gauge T&P Muley caboose where he’d used the white glue technique.  The decals looked perfect.  

Here’s a CB&Q car I just finished and added Smokebox decals. I used their BCR decal first and then overlaid the weight and location using white glue.  The glue dries flat but I’m open to other suggestions; I’ve got a bottle of Future handy  

Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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