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Without a doubt, from my view point, that would be the Seaboards 1932 cars.
These cars saw service for many years with some of them getting rebuilt into
ventilated express cars as well. The Seaboard was second in total owned of
these cars, behind the Mopac.

Sure would be nice to get a plastic model of this car but there were simply
too many variations and too few so called "major" owners for this to happen.

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Hi All,

I figured I would shake the list up with something that is completely ON
STMFC topic. Wow, what a novel concept I!! (:->)

In 100 words or less, what is your single favorite Steam Era Freight Car,
and WHY? Principal contributors Ted Culotta and Ben Hom are required to

This outta be interesting. I stir the pot, and see what happens.....


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