Re: Brass Steam Locomotives that Pull Freight Cars.

Bruce Smith

Jerry, Folks,

It's not just age, it's builder. There is plenty of older brass that runs like a Swiss watch. PRR steam era modeler Bill Neale has a great graphic showing running versus rebuilding needs on which there is a line. Above that line is defined as "Throw against the wall". Alco and Sunset for example, are firmly above the line. Now before any of you jump on me that you have an example of an Alco or Sunset steamer that runs great, I acknowledge that individual examples can defy the rule, but in general, that rule seems to apply just fine. And that rule indicates that those importers are not worth even trying to rebuild. 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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If you are not completely hooked on brass, Broadway makes excellent steam locomotives. I understand your interest, but unless you buy more modern brass locomotive production (say post 1985), you will probably need to have the locomotive rebuilt by an expert. Older brass steam can barely pull itself, much less a train.  I think they were built for show rather than running.  I have suffered through many 1970s era brass locomotives, and finally bit the rebuild bullet.  Also, as an aside, modern brass or plastic steam locomotives have much better details.

Jerry Michels

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