Re: Brass Steam Locomotives that Pull Freight Cars.

Bruce Smith


I have to second Jerry's question... and add why? And add that your "prototype" situation only applies to straight flat running. Modeling 20-25 steam era freight cars to something like a Mountain for the typical model railroad terrain seems like a nice ratio. While diseasel modelers seemed fascinated by the concept of pulling as much as they can with a single model, I would much rather have my engines that pull steam era freight cars powered such that exceeding a modest load requires the use of helper engines. Twice the fun, as I like to say!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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The only one I'm aware of is the Brass Collectors and Operators group.

Personally, I'd be interested in a group discussing methods to make brass steam locomotives pull prototypical-length freight trains. It would be cool to see a single HO 4-8-2 (for example) pulling 70 or more cars on the level at track speed.

-Phil Lee

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