H34s Aren't

John Sykes III

I saw an ad that just came out for Bowser  "H34" covered hopper cars.  First, I noticed that PRR was not one of the road names offered, which makes sense since the PRR H34s (300) and the later H34a/b/cs (300/400/400) all had round hatches (to the best of my knowledge) and the Bowser kit is shown with square hatches.  These models are closer to a generic PS2 hopper, however, some of the build dates shown are inconsistent and at least one of the Bowser models had a clear ACF builder's stencil on it.  Check your prototype before buying.  I'm wondering if these are actually ACF prototypes mislabeled in the ad as H34s?  The Kadee covered hoppers are dead-on for the PRR H34/H34a cars and are stenciled as such.

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