Re: Brass Steam Locomotives that Pull Freight Cars.

Jim Betz


  The repowerandregear group exists for the express purpose of
making older brass run like the proverbial swiss watch.  Just about any 
steamer, even the Mantua and Tyco can be made to run well (I'm not 
talking about looks).  Usually it is a matter of replacing the motor with a
modern motor (can) and perhaps also replacing the gear box with one
from NWSL.  Sometimes there are other issues.  Getting the weight
distributed across all the drivers is one of the keys.

  I agree about the Also Models locos, not so much about the Sunsets
other than the very earliest of the Samhongsa work.  There have been
many builders (the guys actually doing the work, not the importers) 
who have built excellent steam locos that we can spend a few hours
on and get them pulling our steam era freight cars ... and sit back and
listen to the compliments.
                                                                - Jim in the PNW
                                                                                   - Jim in the PNW

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