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Nelson Moyer

CB&Q XM-32 boxcars with ABCDEF variants were built between 1940 and 1958, so there are many differences among cars in this series. I would refer anyone modeling any of these cars to Burlington Bulletin No. 7 as the best single reference. This is supplemented by three articles in Mainline Modeler written by Jerry Hamsmith (one coauthored with Ed Rethwisch) in the September 1993, June 1994, and March 1996 issues.


Variations included trucks, handbrakes, doors, running boards, ladders, etc. Variations occurred between classes and within classes (trucks, handbrakes, and doors), so it’s necessary to know all of the prototype information for the specific car number you wish to model.


CB&Q first used steel running boards for the XM-32A class built between 1945 and 1948.


Roofs and running boards were painted on the XM-32 series cars, but the paint didn’t last long on the running boards. Steel running boards weren’t painted, but the roofs sere painted. Paint failure on the roof depended on age of the car you’re modeling. Caveat - I model 1953, so my knowledge base ends there.


I used the Intermountain shell as the basis for three XM-32A cars, and I have attached my constructions notes with other relevant background material. Ironically, I don’t have a photo of a car in the 33000-33749 series except the photo of 33140 in BB#7 page 7.


Nelson Moyer


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Here’s two images of the 40’ Q boxcars are you saying the top one should be the pattern on the model?  Appreciate the feedback.  How about the roof walk; painted or unpainted?

Charlie Duckworth 
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