Re: Brass Steam Locomotives that Pull Freight Cars.

Jerry Michels

My take is that brass manufacturing progressed from excellent runners with less details (good for the era), to poor runners with good detail, to fine runners with excellent detail.  I admit my experience is colored by being a MoPac follower, so I liked the PFM 2201 4-8-4, knew I was going to have to have 99% of Hallmark rebuilt, and absolutely loved the later Overland 2101 4-4 and 1901 2-8-4 production.  Among MoPac modelers the saying was that you ran Hallmark for five feet and the side rods fell off.  Even their best effort, the single 3000 class 2-8-8-2 was nicely detailed but performed poorly.It was interesting to see the cylinder saddle on the rear engine waddling back and forth as a cold solder joint gave way after the proverbial five feet.

My best experience was to have the great fortune to purchase a number of super brass locomotives from the late Joe Collias collection. They needed new motors, DCC and sound. They were older brass 1960s 'bases' (I think Akane) super-detailed for the Missouri Pacific.  

Question: is the name pronounced a-cane, a-con-e, soft or hard a, or something else?

Jerry Michels

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