Re: Indianapolis RPM Pictures?

Clark Propst

Long drive to and from. Interestingly I got 2 more miles to the gallon average driving across Illinois and Indiana. Must have to do with grades and wind west of the River? Will not travel that far E/W again. Paying more attention to the scenery than the road  I noticed fields of yellow flowering plants in eastern IL and in IN. Looked like something out of the Scenic Express catalog. I was told they’re Canola plants. Glad to know there won’t be a canola disease that wipes out the canola critters causing another shortage and price gouging  ;  ))
Before leaving I got an email from the hotel saying they couldn’t guarantee whether we’d get a single or double bed room. Never heard of such a thing. After some anxiety the NMRA guy in charge of facilities got it straighten out. Other than that the hotel was a great stage for the event!! They offered a grab’n’go breakfast and lunch that might have been better and definitely cheaper than walking up the street to the fast food places. The food at the “Friend of the Freight Car” dinner was excellent too!
They segregated the NMRA and RPM rooms. I’m guessing the ratio was more than 80% NMRA people. They said attendance was over 500. I attended three of their clinics all very well attended. The RPM clinics were less than half full. About the same number of models displayed in the RPM room as in the contests in the NMRA room. The NMRA ran a very strange sale event that thankfully was well organized. I was able to come away with a bundle scale rail track and another Front Range box car to replace the one I just ruined. There were two large rooms for venders, nothing I was interested in...Thank goodness  ;  ))
Best rumor was the resurrection of the ChicagoLand RPM maybe this Oct.? Fingers crossed...
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa
PS: Only saw a couple of those ‘vesties’ guys

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