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On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 10:39 AM, Bruce Smith wrote:

In addition, this was photographed on the Claremont and Concord Railway, a short line spun off from the B&M and well known for its tight radii, steep grades, and street running. Bruce Davison, who is pictured, has a podcast describing his railroad experiences at

I believe the C&C was originally a trolley line. A lot of trolley lines, while built for passenger service, tried to get into carload freight during the twenties and thirties as the passenger ridership dropped on account of increased automobile ownership. At that time freight cars were smaller, a 40 foot car was the longest commonly seen. Those lines that lasted after WWII as diesel shortlines had to do all sorts of creative things to handle the longer cars that became common.

By the way, the common name for both these things and the longer ones used to move disabled streetcars is drawbar.

Dennis Storzek

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