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The 1910 era 4 foot herald was discontinued in 1921 in favor of a 3 foot herald.  These heralds used the thinner extended serif font similar to Bookman Old Style seen throughout the depression and WWII.  In 1958, Santa Fe changed the herald font to a wider, more rounded style similar to Cooper Black.  That new font was also used in the giant circle & cross heralds introduced in 1959.  In addition to the 2' herald on the Bx-39 Steve spotted in the builder's photo, 2' heralds also appeared on the Fe-26, Bx-48, Ga-52, Ga-58 and Ga-65.  Some other repaints also got the 2' herald if the shop didn't have the correct 3 foot stencil, but that was rare.  

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Hi all,

I am building a couple Sunshine Bx-39’s. I don’t want a Hide Service car. I need them as built. Would I be correct in assuming that 4 ft heralds were on the “as built” car instead of the 2 ft heralds (provided in kit) for Hide Service?

Thanks for the help.


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