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Dennis Storzek <dennis@...>

On Mon, May 23, 2022 at 01:08 PM, Dave Parker wrote:
I think there is some conflation (and confusion) happening here with respect to the Claremont Railway and Lighting Co, the Claremont Branch of the B&M, the Claremont and Concord and, way after our era, the Claremont Concord (no "and").  Scott Whitney wrote the "book:" on this rich history -- see RMC 11/93, 12/93, and 1/94.

And no, the original CR&LC line was not a trolley line.  It was purpose-built to move freight in and out of the heavily industrialized town of Claremont and to connect with the B&M.  Passenger service was "of secondary importance" (as per Scott).
I beg to differ. This site: shows there was both a street railway and power company in the corporate past, and if trackage was built specifically to serve industries, it was built to take advantage of the tighter curves the trolley line style motive power could navigate, setting them up for endless grief in later years. The fact remains, the "stiff shackle" was not something that a normal 'steam railroad' crew would have to deal with.

Dennis Storzek

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