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Steven D Johnson



Attached is a scan of a diagram sheet of that Clinchfield series, 5550-5649, class FB7,  built by ACF in 1954.


I’d bet Ed Hawkins has the painting specs on those cars as built.


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Need help with CRR 56xx series boxcars


The local museum where I volunteer owns 2 ex-Clinchfield 56xx-series boxcars.  One of them, 5625, was part of a local doll house retailer in Biltmore (behind the current McDonalds) and was cut on to be more useful in that complex.  We are creating a poster for this car that includes its history but are lacking confirmation on its origin.


If you can provide its builder, series it belonged to, details about if it was originally brown or black, etc., please contact me off list.  A photo of this car appeared in a color CRR book but I don’t know the title.  See attached pic of a car numbered closely to it.


Jim King


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