Re: Westerfield ATSF BX-12 Rebuilt boxcar

Nelson Moyer

No, you’re not entirely wrong. As I understand it, gladhands were galvanized when new but due to their location took a beating and rusted. The ends had to be kept clean for airtight fit. Floquil Old Silver is the closest to galvanized I have in Floquil paint, and I use lacquer paint for durability on air hoses. The new galvanized look is toned down during weathering. Old Silver isn’t a bright shiny silver, more of a tarnished silver if you’re ever seen really old silverware that hasn’t been polished in fifty years. I hated to see it go away.


Nelson Moyer


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  I'm under the impression that "silver glad hands" are a relatively late change and
that for much (most?) of the steam freight car era they were metal (rusty).  Am I
wrong on that?  Does it depend upon the RR?
                                                                                  - Jim in the PNW

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