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Kevin Slark <MoffatRoad@...>

Denver & Rio Grande/D&RGW GS gons. Circa 1950 nearly
40,000 of tweleve classes dating from 1902 roamed the
rails. All different, down to the trucks, brake gear,
and safety appliances. Their only unifying trait was
their steel construction and "DRG/DRGW" reporting
marks. Also, they were painted oxide red before
1943/4, when they started to repainted black with
"Flying Rio Grande" on their sides. It is thought that
the red cars wearing the old "Royal Gorge/Moffat
Tunnel" hearld roamed around until 1960 or so. Only
the most modern cars have been produced by Red
Caboose, W&R has imported the 1937-class, and thats
it. I find this suprising for such a "popular" road
and that plans exist for most of the classes. Paging
Mr. Westerfield, paging Mr. Westerfield....

Yes, I realize this is more than 100 words. Aren't
English majors allowed to be wordy?

Kevin Slark
Rabid D&RGW/D&SL/CM Fan

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