Re: WRX 9000

Tim O'Connor

They were bunkerless reefers - RB - also sometimes known as insulated box cars

I've never seen a roof view but there may be something up there, like in this view (attached).
I don't know if they are "hatches" (access ports?) or even if they are all alike.

Why would an RB have hatches ? Something's odd. Did these cars have internal storage tanks?
(Like the Linde cars, which had insulated tanks and hatches in the roof. But those were XT.)

Dried Blood. How is that shipped?

On 5/26/2022 7:32 PM, Richard Townsend via wrote:
On page 122 of Gene Green's reefer color guide there is a photo of WRX 9000, rebuilt in 1954 from a 1936 reefer. The caption says it has eight ice hatches and if I squint I might be able to see them (second roof panel in from each end, and then sixth roof panel in). It also appears to have a radial roof. I'd like to learn more about this car and I'm looking for any measured drawings, diagrams, and other information about the car. 

Richard Townsend

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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