Re: Brass Steam Locomotives that Pull Freight Cars.

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I was unaware of that Charlie. There are any number of Brits discussing how to size continuous springs, usually under the term CSB (continuous springy beam)

Sprung Hornblocks (aka axleboxes) have their proponents as well. The springs have to be carefully sized though, not too stiff. Paul, Eileen's and Alan Gibson in the UK may offer something suitable?
Whenever this subject rears its head above the noise level[0] I remember reading and photocopying one or more articles in Model Railroader [pre-1979] discussing fully equalizing a locomotive (in HO scale) rather than individually springing the driving axles, this in concert with balancing the locomotive fore-and-aft. This was reasonably near the time Bob Darwin produced his Art of Superdetailing series.

[0] intentional mixing of metaphors for the fun of it
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