Re: Climax flexible (radial) roof

O Fenton Wells

Steve: Which radial roof car are you modeling?  If it is the DT&I car(15 ribbed roof) then you will need the roof from an Atlas, C&O version 1932 ARA boxcar.  This is the Cambrea roof, I believe.  
If it is the 13 ribbed roof, the Hutchins roof (I think that is correct) then the Westerfield roof (4600)will work.  Or you could do the Clark Propst method and cut the roof off of a MDC 50 OB boxcar and then shorten it.
Good luck 

On Sat, May 28, 2022 at 12:16 PM Steve Summers via <> wrote:
Can anyone suggest a source of a HO scale 40’ Climax flexible (radial) roof?  If not available separately, any suggestions on relatively inexpensive models (Athearn, Roundhouse, Accurail, etc.) that has this roof?  Ideally want to use this on a Tichy USRA single sheathed boxcar model.

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