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charles slater

Mike double door steel car 7709 is one of the cars re-built into the Fe-13 class of cars, numbered 7601-7849 in 1937 by Santa Fe. These cars were originally Fe-K and Fe-M class cars-built AC&F in 1909 and 1912. 
Santa Fe shop code DO is Dodge City, Kansas and none of the books I have show a shop code of EN, it was probably re-weighted off line.
Charlie Slater MSFM

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I have a photo taken in 1961 of ATSF 7709, a 50-foot double-door steel boxcar.  Its CAPY and LD LMT are both 79000 and its LT WT is 57000, and it was reweighed at DO in 4-58, but I can’t locate any more information on this series of cars.  Can any please help? 

On the ATSF, where were DO and EN?


Mike Palmieri – Little Elm, Texas

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