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Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D. <smithbf@...>

I asked the PM-list:
I am working on an ECW 90 ton depressed center flat in HO and a pair of the
same from GHQ in N and would like to decorate all of them in appropraite
NYC paint/decals. Are there any photographs of this flat available? What
color did the NYC paint these cars?
George Hollwedel replied
If you get answers back direct, please send me cc's as I am doing the N
ones as well.

Hi George,

Well, the silence has been deafening. It's sort of funny to me, as PRR
modeler, since I have the feeling that if this had been a PRR question, I
would have had an answer within a few hours...I guess there isn't much
interest in the NYC out there <G-DUCKING!!!!>

I did find some drawings of the cars at George Elwoods amazing site:

the specific drawings are at:
and car data at

Unfortunately, these do not provide painting information, but I chose to
believe that these cars would have remained black into the mid 1950's. I
decaled my GHQ model with the available decals for #499030, a car built as
part of the original order in 1928 and with a capacity of 90.5 tons. I
found that the decal sheets from GHQ contained only minimal decals (things
like the blt date are missing and the car data is wrong) and I think that
at least some of the decals were a bit oversized, but I chose in this case
to simply follow the available GHQ decals. In reality, it painted and
decaled up into a nice little heavyweight flat after I tossed the supplied
grabs, and bent my own, and bottom mounted the supplied stirrup steps
(instead of mounting them on the side as the instructions suggest). My
brother seemed quite pleased to find it under the tree this Holiday season!
My HO model is still in construction, so I'm hoping for better information
for it!

Happy Rails

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