Help with Northwestern green/yellow reefer

Charlie Duckworth

Friend recently gave me two Branchline reefers one for the Northwestern with the gray sides.  The car unfortunately lettering is as built in 1927 and I’m modeling the early 1950’s.  I found an Odd Ball set for the Northwestern green and yellow scheme and have the sides stripped down to the bare plastic.  This reefer is totally out of my expertise and need some SME help.  

the decal sheet has the following car numbers 6201, 6311 and 6700 for NWX. Are these good for the wood reefers?

What’s recommended for the green and yellow colors and finally what color was the roof, ends and underframe?

lots of questions but I couldn’t find anything with a google search or a search on .io. 

Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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