Re: UP A-50-16 Correction Decals for Trix DD Boxcar

Ken Adams

I am back to this project. 

Looking at a some of Dick's earlier comments and now having the National Scale Car/Speedwitch D102 set at hand my task has become a bit more complicated.  I had thought that it would be just a renumber and minor change to put the A-50-16 class and weights on the body.  But it is more complicated.  I did find Dick's timeline for the paint schemes for UP box cars.

I model 1950-54 and apparently the UP was going through some changes in the lettering during that period.  I am going to assume the car has not been repainted since mid-1947 changes to all yellow and that the lettering is still white reporting marks and data except the Serves All the West/ Road of the Streamliners logos which are in Armor yellow.  The D102 set  is white. lettering with a separate armor yellow logo sheet.  Fine and good as this will be okay for the early part of my modeling period. There are reweigh dates and locations on the white decal sheet f0r 5-49 and 7-50 which will fit nicely into the time period.

So now I have to remove nearly all or all the Trix lettering put on with good strong German paint and lettering.  In an initial trial to remove the New date, it was impervious to 70% IPA. It also resists Testors ELO (Easy Lift Off.)  So I am looking for other suggestions from anyone who has successfully  removed the Trix/Marklin lettering.  I don't think I could successfully overpaint the whole car and factory lettering without the lettering showing through the paint.  I no longer have on hand any of the stronger Floquil paint thinner. I am loath to waste any drops of the small amount of Star Brand thinner. 

Ken Adams
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