Re: UP A-50-16 Correction Decals for Trix DD Boxcar

Ken Adams

Ignore the last paragraph.  I had not waited long enough and a second application of ELO did remove the new date quite neatly without damage to the underlying paint.  It will take some time to remove the lettering and not damage the excellent base paint coat. 

Photos may follow.  I have yet to make a decision about the floor and underframe The floor is a metal casting coupler in knockoff of a Kadee NEM knuckle coupler in an NEM pocket on a floating  device to allow going around toy train 15 inch radius curves. Using a regular IM boxcar floor and underframe has been suggested but I am not sure I want to do all that work. This is still a two foot or more viewing distance model and I don't think it would be switched into the tiny SP Port Costa yard unless it was bad ordered.  The coupler is attached to the floor not the truck as in a Talgo style arrangement so would not present any operational difficulties being pulled in a through train.

Ken Adams
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