Re: Final Wash For Flat Car Decks

Nelson Moyer

I used 70% isopropyl alcohol. The ratio of ink to alcohol depends upon how dark you want the weathering. Mix 1 part ink to 9 parts alcohol, and dilute from there accordingly.


For flat car decks, it depends upon whether they’re wood or painted plastic or resin.


I stain wood decks with diluted Campbell tie stain, then weather with Pan Pastels. The tie stain is diluted with turpentine to adjust the staining intensity. I’ve posted photos of flat cars with wood decks, so check the archives on resincarbuilders io group.


Nelson Moyer


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Some time ago thinned India Ink was a recommended final wash for weathering flat car decks.  Does anyone recall what was used to thin the ink?




Bill Pardie




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