Re: Final Wash For Flat Car Decks

Nelson Moyer

I searched but couldn’t find any, so no, it’s probably no longer available. I bought an 8 oz. car around 1978 to stain ties for a Timesaver. The can says it was specially made for Campbell and there is a warning that it contains petroleum distillate, so since Campbell was in CA, it’s  probable that it was discontinued due to CA idiocy. It’s probably illegal to ship by air or I’d send you some. One can lasts more than a lifetime because of the high dilution factor.


I’ve seen MR articles recommending various MinWax stains for ties, so you might look at those for an organic solvent based wood stain. Think Ebony Black was one of the recommended stains.


Nelson Moyer


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Thanks Nelson And Steve:


Is there still a Campbell's tie stain?


Bill Pardie


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