Re: Three Old SP Boxcars (Undated)

Nolan Hinshaw

On May 31, 2022, at 13:11, Douglas Harding <iowacentralrr@...> wrote:

The photo description says 2' bolts. Being this is a lumber train in Oregon, I suspect shingle bolts, for making wood shingles. Most likely cedar.
It's most likely Thuja plicata, the PNW endemic cedar. Note the genus - not cedrus, but the same family - a cousin, as it were to the so-called "true" cedars. California incense cedar (calcocedrus decurrens, reclassified from Libocedrus behind my back several decades ago) is a similar cousin, and just as delightful.

As far as I can tell they're still commercially-viable species and form non-trivial proportions of the rail-born lumber traffic in the US.
Little Willie from the mirror sucked the mercury all off
Thinking in his childish error it would cure his whooping cought.
At the funeral Willie's mother said to Mrs. Brown,
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