Re: Photo: Rock Island Hide Loading Boxcar 141137 (1956)

hubert mask

I offer the hide loading car Rock Island.  Decal set 87-315 all decals are listed in alphabetical order.

Hubert Mask 

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Yes, Bruce, & Group----

Hide cars possessed a ruinous stink!  The smell was so bad that city fathers at Salamanca, New York requested that resident ERIE RR keep the accumulating westbound empties out of town rather than in the local yard.

Yes, Bruce, these tended to be older, single-sheathed cars but there were exceptions such as all steel cars and even cars less than five years old.

This particular car, RI 141137, was from the 141000-141999 group of 1929 and later.  These first 1000 (8'-7" I.H.) can be modeled using Sunshine Models Kit 57.1.  My long-ago study of hide cars show four other cars of this group loading from late 1952 to mid-1956.  These were four of 22 Rock Island cars that were found in the sampling done for that study.  At or slightly after 1960 this railroad started collecting all hide cars into a 'catch-all' series, 40000-40999.  After 1960 nine more RI cars were also found in this service.

There was earlier mention of ATSF's Bx-39 50 foot 'Emergency' cars.  These 40180-40244 cars show up four times between 1954 and 1966 in my survey.

Hide loaded cars were smelly and ruined for general service but were necessary for the work of their day.  While small compared to other 'finer' loadings, this was an important part of the tanning industry once conducted throughout much of the northeast and elsewhere.

Regards form Mike Schleigh in western Penna. (Grove City)

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Note the stencil HIDE LOADING ONLY. I have read in several places that the stench from the hides was so bad that any car so used was ruined for any other type of service. Therefore, older cars were usually used, which seems to be the case in this 1956 view.

Thanks for sharing.

Bruce Hendrick
Brea, California

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