Re: Photo: Holly Sugar Plant - Huntington Beach (Circa 1917)

Clarence Zink

Don't forget Utah had a thriving sugar beet industry for many years.  One of the "neighborhoods" I lived in at one time in SLC was the "Sugar House" neighborhood, and one of the best July 24th fireworks ever seen was in Sugar House Park.  The place is named after an old sugar beet processing plant.

Try this link for an advanced search for "Utah" and "sugar beet".  Hopefully it will turn up the first page of many with info about sugar beets in Utah.,contains,Utah,AND&query=any,exact,Sugar%20Beet,AND&tab=default_tab&search_scope=mw&sortby=rank&vid=MWDL&lang=en_US&mode=advanced&offset=0&fromRedirectFilter=true

Up into at least the 1980's, there used to be a few abandoned sugar beet plants along I-15 between SLC and the Idaho border.  On my trip through there last year I think I saw only 1.  Times change.


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