X31 Evans Chain Storage Tubes

Guy Wilber

Bruce Smith wrote:

With respect to the number of tubes, no, not exactly. The X31s (no subclass) and X31F had 4 tubes in the center of the car and 2 at each end. The X31C had 6 tubes in the center of the car, and 2 at each end. I modeled the difference.”


Nearly all the original installations of Evans Auto~Loaders (Type A) were equipped with 8 storage tubes.  As auto cars were upgraded to newer models of racks the number of storage tubes was often increased, typically 12/16 to maximize the flexibility of the system, in order to accommodate the range in sizes of automobiles.  

Do you know if the Pennsylvania added more storage tubes as they upgraded cars or do the totals under the column heading “No. of Floor Tubes or Tie Downs” listed within “Bulletin 28” reflect 8 storage tubes plus either 4 or 6 “U” bolt tie downs?  The tie downs in combination with longer chains served the same function as additional storage tubes.


Guy Wilber 
Reno, Nevada

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