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Ed Hawkins

On Jun 7, 2022, at 8:41 AM, Lester Breuer <rforailroad@...> wrote:

Current build is a Santa Fe Reefer kit numbered 32153.  A kit I believe produced by InterMountain for the Santa Fe Historical Society.
I need help with the Reefer, in series 31653 to 33155,  with the running board type , I believe wood and the brake step, I believe metal type.
And, trucks. 
I Thank You for your time and effort to respond.
Lester Breuer

The following info comes from a santa fe diagram for class Rr, 1,500 cars in series 31656-33155, built new as Rr-W in 1920-1921. The diagram refers to another Rr-23 diagram that denotes the cars were modernized from 1954-1959 with Camel sliding flush doors, Improved Dreadnaught ends, Preco fans, a “metal” running board, and a few other details. 

For the Rr-23 cars rebuilt with swing doors, all cars received an Ajax hand brake & 33” 700 lb. single plate chilled wheels (cast iron). 

The diagram doesn’t specify the type of running boards or brake steps. A photo of SFRD 32143, last reweighed 9-50, shows a wood running board. It’s the right side of the car with the system map but doesn’t provide a view of the brake step. Trucks on 32143 are AAR double truss spring plankless. Hope this provides what is needed for your modeling. The photo from Bob’s Photo was taken by Col. Chet McCoid on 11/2/54 at San Diego.
Ed Hawkins

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