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Tim O'Connor

I think that the trucks were correct for SFRD reefers - if I recall it was an early ASF truck, before the
Ride Control era. They were multi-piece trucks and had some issues... Did Intermountain ever retool them
as one piece trucks? (sideframes+bolster). Tahoe has an early ASF truck but I don't know if it's correct for

Tim O'Connor

On 6/7/2022 3:06 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:

As I recall when these kits came out the Santa Fe gods thought that the kit trucks were perfect.  I always send a photo of the car that I am doing to Brian Leppert of Tahoe Models.  He will tell you what truck to use even if it is not his.  Use my name if you like.

It's amazing th we are now down to the proper brake step in detailing.  I recently learned that there is a Klass Morton step used on an MKT car.  Someone said that they had done some with 3D printing and offered to send some but never followed through..

Also ask Keuth Jordon and Dick Harley.


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Santa Reefer Help

Current build is a Santa Fe Reefer kit numbered 32153.  A kit I believe produced by InterMountain for the Santa Fe Historical Society.
I need help with the Reefer, in series 31653 to 33155,  with the running board type , I believe wood and the brake step, I believe metal type.
And, trucks. 
I Thank You for your time and effort to respond.
Lester Breuer

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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