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Sunshine did a set based on ATSF as well. Of course the Resin mfg. depend on modelers to produce the masters from which they cast.

In my look at ATSF MOW cars, there did not seem to be standard plans.  The shop would take an old box car and custom build a car based on the need. 



J. Stephen Sandifer


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Agree with Resin. The NKPHTS had rider cars cast in resin. We sold at least 75. Maybe 100? 

Several years have passed I can’t recall if I did 75 or 100 overall. 

Brian J. Carlson 

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Or perhaps 3D print or work with resin. A number of resinators have offered (and continue to offer) very nice, often RR specific, MOW cars, such as the Westerfield PRR XL and X23 MOW models. Although, even there, sometimes cars are so specific or unusual that kitbashing or scratchbuilding is the order of the day.



Bruce Smith

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Mr Storzek,

With so many of those cars going into MoW use, would Accurail consider some bunk car bodies with windows and end doors to drop over the under frames? We really do not have any camp cars on the market other than the old Walthers/Train Miniatures models.

Jason, I hate to disappoint you, but Ray has the best suggestion. Accurail proved years ago that there is absolutely NO market for MoW cars with series of ill advised MoW pant and lettering offerings on our 40' steel boxcars. As I recall, some of those hung around ten or fifteen YEARS.

Dennis Storzek


Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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