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Dave Nelson said:
I too have pitched the idea of GS gons to Martin -- the DRGW
71000 series;
46' foot IH, wood side as delivered, steel when rebuilt. Handed
him scale drawings too.
He was polite.
Dave, in my experience, Martin is ALWAYS polite. But you may have heard
him say on occasion, as I have, that open-top cars aren't great sellers.
Well, yes, he *is* always polite. I didn't mean to suggest otherwise (I was
trying to convey my notice of a lack of enthusiasm on his part as I waved
drawings at him). He didn't mention anything about poor sales of open top
cars. I'm sure he knows his business and I'm not going to second guess him
on that. Too bad... there were lots of neat GS gons.

So tell me Tony, wouldn't you be a bit enthusastic if somebody offered a one
pc resin kit of any of the older inset side GS gons used by the SP? Hmm?
8-) Bet you would. Me too. 8-)

Dave Nelson

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