Re: Photo: Standard Coal Company Box Car Unloader (1914)

Douglas Harding

During the steam era most roads west of the Mississippi preferred gons over open hoppers for coal. In winter months they used boxcars, esp the northern roads, to prevent rain/snow freezing the coal. Boxcar loaders were used for loading. 
There was a company in Ottumwa Iowa (heart of Iowa coal country) that made boxcar loaders and unloaders. 
IH also made a loader.
Of course labor was cheap in those days, so laborers with shovels were also common.

Photos attached.

Doug Harding
Youtube: Douglas Harding Iowa Central Railroad

On Thu, Jun 9, 2022 at 2:55 PM Hudson Leighton <hudsonl@...> wrote:
Is that Standard or Narrow gauge?

It looks like there are end (lumber?) doors.

These type of unloaders were common in grain unloading facilities.

Some of which could also tilt to the side.


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