Re: MOW cars, was Accurail MKT 36’ boxcar


Not sure why, but the 40' steel boxcars didn't seem to be well represented in later MoW builds.  One supposition I have is that more of the 40' steel cars from the forties and fifties tended to be retired because of obsolescence based of cubic capacity by the sixties - seventies, either scrapped or converted to 50' cars.  Many of the box-type MoW cars that existed in the forties - fifties were still around, having been converted from single- or double-sheathed cars, or (in the case of MP) steel-side rebuilds that were obsolete because of their small size.  Beyond the time of this list, much larger and more modern cars started to go to MoW, displacing these older cars.  In other words, the 40' steel cars tended to be just in the wrong time frame for much conversion to MoW.  Of course there are exceptions, like the UP box in Portola that's in full freight car scheme for its era but in silver with black lettering.

Another explanation is that the all-steel cars had more value as scrap than the old steel-underframe cars, so they perhaps were more likely to be cut up than converted to MoW.

Ron Merrick

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