Re: MOW cars, was Accurail MKT 36’ boxcar

Dennis Storzek <dennis@...>

Even into the seventies the prewar steel cars had utility for certain classes of rough freight. I remember in the mid seventies riding the Lake St. "L" and seeing the C&NW team track yard at Rockwell St. (four block long tracks) filled with 40' steel boxcars. This was at the height of the used brick craze, where the "Chicago pink" common brick was shipped all over the country as designer 'rustic' building material, just as fast as they could tear condemned inner city buildings down. At that time the brick was shipped loose, stacked just three or four layers deep all across the car floor, loaded by laborers by hand with brick tongs. Later the businesses marketing the brick dropped off pallets and wrappers at the demolition sites and the day labor that was cleaning the bricks also stacked them.

The best reason to use old wood boxcars for bunk cars is they are easier to heat, think of the difference in volume between the typical caboose and a AAR boxcar, and the wood cars stay cooler during the summer. Also, starting in the late fifties there was a lot of older passenger cars being retired, and those were preferred for camp car conversions

Dennis Storzek

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