Re: MOW cars, was Accurail MKT 36’ boxcar

Ken Adams


The foobie part is that the boxcar basis should have been a 10'6" IH car. I modified some of the dimensions of the area around the door to compensate. The picture you included was the primary source material originally from Jason Hill's blog. The picture is dated after the SP changed the MOW scheme to light grey. 

This whole project for myself and one other modeler I know of doing similar bashes for the scale repair car was last years Bachman scale test car which was very close to the SP prototype.  My fellow modeler made white and black lettering decals for the scale repair and scale test cars.  The SP scale test car was black before 1956. 

There is a new SPH&TS book in the works on SP MOW equipment but it has not yet been published. The previous book on the subject is now out of print and has become a highly priced collectors item. 
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