Re: Branchline UTLX Wood Reefer

Douglas Harding

Nice weathering Charlie. There is one small error, not your fault, but rather Branchline's fault. The MSTL herald had three colors, and should have a half red rectangle. As no one makes the correct sized herald, the only recourse is to hand paint the herald. Les Breuer did just that as reported in his blog 

Doug Harding
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On Sun, Jun 12, 2022 at 12:08 PM Charlie Duckworth via <> wrote:

I’ve been fighting an infection so lots of indoor time on my second prescription hopefully that kicks it soon as I’m not suppose to be in the sun.   Anyway decided to pass the time by finishing the second Branchline reefer kit that was recently given to me.  I scraped away the reweight date of 1937 and bumped it up to 1953 and changed load limit and tare weights slightly.  I wanted to experiment with the brown Vallejo wash and after a light coat of Dullcote mixed with Black and Tan over the carbody I watched the ‘how to’ video again and added some wash around some of the metal pieces.  Watching other videos on how to make your own washing there’s alcohol in the mixture and it seems to settle into the Dullcote pretty quickly so something to watch using it.   I scraped off the Dullcote on a few boards to break up the sides and aged the roof with gray, brown and black pencils.   

As I mentioned with the NWX kit I’d forgot how well these kits were designed. The ice hatch mechanism was very scale like.  Enough typing here’s the car.
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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