Re: ATSF Fe-13 Heartburn!

Tim O'Connor

Champ made a large number of very high-fidelity ATSF 40 foot and 50 foot map sets for box cars
and for SFRD refrigerator cars. They were in the BRH- and HB- groups. They included straight and
curved maps. Probably lots of them still out there... :-)

On 6/12/2022 4:48 PM, Tom Lawler wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I’ve had Sunshine kit 73.x, 12’ 4” IH for decades and finally built the car. Advertised into the ‘50’s but now that I have got it all built and painted I checked my July ‘50 ORER and none are on the roster. Sigh. Apparently the raised roof was removed pre July 1950. It is too cool not to use. A high cube in 1950. I am still going to use the car. 

The decals that came with the car leave something to be desired. The map appears to be oversized compared to the pic in the PDS. You can barely get the dimensional data on the car with the provided map. I ordered a Microscale ATSF 50’ sheet in hopes of fixing that issue. The bigger issue is the way oversized “This car excess height….” lettering (in yellow). It’s at least 50% too big and just not going to fit either on the A or B end of the car. Anyone who built this car got ideas on getting around this issue? 



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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