PFE Reefers Haulin’ Syrup (Undated)

Andy Carlson

There is a small chance that one of the pancake syrups carrioed in this p[icture's car may be one I discovered decades ago.

While a college student in California's Humboldt Bay region I worked with a friend doing construction work as it paid 3 times what the available minimum wage offering jobs had.

An older home, which I believe was built in the 1920s, was a job we had taken on to refresh the pantry and side entrance area. We stripped the inside lath walls and made the discovery of a few silver dollar coins, a few empty vegetable cans and an M. J Brandenstein Coffee can with a hand written letter from a Sherrif from the next county north with grimn notes of pour health of a relative. The coins we gave to the house's owner who gladly offered the remaining relics to me, which besides the aforementioned cans was a steel tin can of Log Cabin Syrup (You were all probably wondering where I was going with this!). This can was in the shape of a cabin and the lithographed paint was in good shape. Seeing that this was in California, and around the time this picture was taken I like to think that my can made the trip to California with the other 1000s of cans carried in the 4 box cars.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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PFE Reefers Haulin’ Syrup (Undated)

Photo courtesy of Jeff Stein.

He comments:

“The banner reads: “WORLD’S GREATEST SHIPMENT...”

“One Hundred Carloads in Four Special Trains”...heading to Sacramento.

H.C. Tibbetts, photographer.”

Bob Chaparro


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