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Tell that to Microsoft Outlook. It took me to Facebook. 

Brian Ehni 
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Thanks for the message. It appears that the issue is with what you thought you were doing. You incorrectly copied the SOURCE of the URL, not the URL. Because I post the announcement on both Facebook and on multiple mailing lists, this time I happened to compose the facebook announcement first and then copied it to an email to send to all the relevant lists. When you hover over the URL for the Keystone Modeler, you are not seeing the actual URL, you are seeing where that URL was copied from. You should not be doing that. If you have a competent email reader, or are reading your email on the list web page, you can simply click on the URL imbedded in the text. In this case, that would take you directly to the correct web site. If you experience any trouble with that, you should truncate the link to the core URL which will get you to the homepage, from which you can select “Keystone Modeler” and work your way through the pages to select the issue to download. I didn’t do that because it is difficult for some of the members of the lists I sent this announcement to, to work their way through more than one page to get to something 😉



Bruce Smith

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The link sends you to Facebook which then asks if you want to continue to the webpage.
This is the link when you copy and paste it:

Richard Webster

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