Re: Baggage Car As An Airplane Parts Carrier

Steven D Johnson


This article shows some images that may narrow down the car's color scheme (at least a lot of the lettering) a bit:

Google "Vin Fiz Grape Drink" and you'll find other color images of advertising, etc.

Steve Johnson
Nashville, TN

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Thanks, James, for this additional information. Perhaps the reason for the failure of Vin Wiz was the startup company’s large numbers of executives, as listed for the junket. Not a lean business machine. Were they all sleeping in the baggage car??

If I had to guess I’d say Purple lettering on the white car. Unusual, sure, but it was a marketing campaign for grape soda.

I am curious as I’ve never seen the term “chauffeur” used in connection with railroading. What this a thing, or a misuse by the reporter? I assume this was akin to a Pullman porter.

Thanks again for more information on an usual car.

Bruce Hendrick
Brea, California

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