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I think you are referring to the large "inland grain terminal" that was constructed in the CPR's North Transcona yard of area here in Winnipeg ca 1918-20. One end of this terminal sank into our local variable clay-bed soil (the whole area in a glacial lakebed) perhaps 15 to 20 feet so that the building had quite a tilt. There are a number of photos around of this episode including a suite of same in the Engineering Faculty's building at the local university.

The make-the-best of the mess was to excavate under the areas that hadn't sank and lower it into the hole. The elevator structure is still extant. It also still has an obvious tilt but by no means as severe as the vintage photos depict.

They built a large concrete terminal in Canada. They screwed up on the
footing. When finished they started putting grain into it. The footing
on one side failed and the whole laid over onto its side as a unit.
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