Re: Photo: Tank Cars At Refinery (1949)

Bruce Smith

Claus, Folks,

It also looks like GPCX 282 is a product of the Pennsylvania Tank Car Co. due to the position of the safety valves (opposing) and the position of the tank bands.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL 

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Hi Bob and List Members,

Thanks Bob for the nice image

I think the tank car closest to the camera is GPCX 282, or maybe 288.

According to the reporting marks GPCX belong to General Petroleum Corp on the date of this photograph

I want to say the other tank car has GATX reporting marks, but the lettering is unclear and tough to decipher, so cannot say for sure.

Claus Schlund

On 18-Jun-22 10:58, Bob Chaparro via wrote:

Photo: Tank Cars At Refinery (1949)

A photo from the Gateway To Oklahoma History website:


“Photograph of the railroad loading site at the Slayer Refining Company, 2201 Northeast 2nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK, as it appeared in May, 1949.”

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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